Life  Carrier Facts

Full Name:
Randal Keith Orton Known as:
- Randy Orton
- The Legend Killer
- The One Man Dynasty
- The Viper

Date of Birth:
April 1st, 1980

City of Birth:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Currently Resides in:
High Ridge, Missouri

Robert Orton & Elaine Orton

- Becky (younger)
- Nathan (youngest)

High School

High School Attended:
Hazelwood Central High School

Marital Status:
Married; To Samantha Speno

Daughter; Alanna Marie Orton, born July 12th, 2008

Eyes Color:
Aqua Blue Natural Hair Color:

Current Height:
6 foot & 4 inches

Current Weight:
245 pounds

Number of Tattoo’s:
Currently 7

Tattoo Locations:
- (4) Forearm
- (1) Back/Shoulders
- (2) Upper Arm’s/Bicep

Tattoo’s Meaning:
His previous tribal tattoo’s were said to mean “absolutely nothing” in a past questionnaire but since Randy has added more meaningful body art to himself including his wife’s name “Samantha” on his inner right forearm as well as his daughter’s name “Alanna” on his left forearm placed beside a large red rose. He’s said his new tattoo’s which sleeve both his arms mean various things but their private and doesn’t intend on revealing those meanings publicly.


Most Attractive Trait:
“The Smirk”, Randy has that hard to resist smile.

Preferred Underwear:
Briefs, or nothing at all

CAREER FACTS Profession:
Professional Wrestler Professional Debut:

Current Employer:
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

WWE Debut:
April 2002

Finishing Move(s):
RKO (current), Super RKO (special), Running punt (to a kneeling opponent’s head), O-Zone (used in 2002)

Signature Moves:
- Inverted headlock backbreaker
- Chinlock
- Jumping knee drop
- European uppercut
- Gutwrench elevated neckbreaker
- Standing dropkick
- Body scissors
- Scoop powerslam
- Rapid forearm shots to head and chest of a seated opponent
- Elevated DDT

Trained by:
- “Cowboy” Bob Orton
- South Broadway Athletic Club
- Ohio Valley Wrestling

Career Highlights:
- OVW Hardcore Champion (2)
- Seventeenth Triple Crown Champion
- WWE Intercontinental Champion
- WWE Tag Team Champion
- WWE Heavyweight Champion
- WWE Champion (2)

Former Associates:
- Triple H
- Ric Flair
- Dave Batista
- Stacy Keibler
- “Cowboy” Bob Orton
- Edge/w Lita
- Ted Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes Most Memorable Feuds:
- Mick Foley
- Undertaker
- Triple H
- Ric Flair
- Degeneration X
- Jeff Hardy

Career Changing Matches:
- Armageddon 2003 (randy vs rob van damn – type: intercontinental championship)

- Backlash 2004 (randy vs cactus jack – type: no holds barred match)

- Summerslam 2004 (randy vs chris beniot – type: world heavyweight championship match)

- Armageddon 2005 (randy vs undertaker – type: hell in a cell match)

- Summerslam 2006 (randy vs hulk hogan – type: legend vs legend killer match)

- New Years Revolution 2007 (rated rko vs degeneration x – type: world tag team championship match)

- No Mercy 2007 (randy vs triple h – type: last man standing match for the wwe title)

- Wrestlemania 24 (randy vs triple h vs john cena – type: triple threat for the wwe title)